Welcome to golfbarons™

And welcome to the one place your swagger is embraced as much as your swing.

So you’d like to know a little bit about us? That’s great news because there’s little we like talking about more than ourselves. Here goes:

We launched GolfBarons™ in April 2018, although its foundation was set long before. We never wanted to be just another golf ‘product’ or ‘service’, but rather a manifestation of all things golf.

In other words, GolfBarons™ had to be about the playing, the training, the fun, the banter, the new and old products, the lessons, the great destinations and the journeys along the way, the conversations, and above all else, the community.

How all of that would be presented has changed over time, but the core beliefs and values of the club we wanted to create has never wavered.

This is as much about a life’s mindset as it is about golf. It’s a philosophy guaranteed to produce more enjoyable rounds, and will always be a celebration of brotherhood, sisterhood and, occasionally, even Robin Hood. (Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to work that in.)

We created GolfBarons™ with a clear vision to create a community of golfers for golfers – one that we’d like to be a part of ourselves. We wanted to build a place to hang out with other people who love golf just as much we do, and who weren’t afraid to have a laugh along the way.

Are we a big organisation? Nup. We are simply a handful of passionate golfers wanting to bring the most topical, credible, entertaining and informative golf content on the planet to other golf tragics.

We think everybody should be able to enjoy golf, without feeling intimidated.

Down with pretentious golf. It’s just fun golf from here on in.

In-house, we have a little mantra that we live by:


Unite a tribe
of fun-loving

Make a positive

Have fun
doing it

But what does that actually mean?


Unite a Tribe of Fun-Loving Golfers


"We’re not the only ones who have fun playing golf."

There are thousands, if not millions of others who do, too. We want to provide a place where like-minded golfers who truly believe a bad day on the course is better than a good one in the office, can hang out, have a laugh, and learn a thing or two along the way.

Golf is an experience, and one best shared with fellow golfers. It is also just a game, and we shouldn’t take it too seriously. Our ‘gatherings’ are more than just events, and you’ll need only come to one of them to understand how golf can be the vehicle to driving lifelong memorable experiences.


Make a Real & Genuine Difference


"If there’s no point, then there’s no point."

And at GolfBarons™, we stand by that. Whether that relates to a lesson learnt in a challenge or something far more important, we have set ourselves a mission to cause positive change in all we do.

Let’s spread goodwill as far and wide as possible. We want to help golfers improve their own games, and while we’re at it also use our platform to help those who could do with a little bit of help or support.

That’s why we’ve aligned ourselves with Challenge, a not-for-profit organisation supporting kids with cancer and their families. While there are many worthy charities we could choose to support, none would be more deserving than Challenge. With your help, the GolfBarons™ community will put smiles back on the faces of youngsters doing it tougher than most. It’s the very least we can do.

Visit https://www.challenge.org.au/ for more information on this amazing organisation.


Have fun doing it


"If we can’t have fun playing golf, we’re doing it all wrong."

Yet for as long as we can remember, this game has been shown in a staid, pretentious manner. GolfBarons™ golf is anything but. We love and respect the game and its traditions, sure, but we’ll never forget that in the end it’s still just a game. A bloody great game.

We truly enjoy what we do, and genuinely get a kick out of bringing a new perspective on this ancient game to all of our fellow Barons. We love hearing from our tribe, whether in person at an event, via email or through comments on our site or social media channels. GolfBarons™ is as much yours as it is ours, and the journey towards the future is going to be a fun one. Strap yourself in.