THE THEORY behind the JPX921 Tour is a club built for athletes who like to swing hard at the ball. A club that still supports shot-making yet provides enough forgiveness for elite players who like to give it a rip. When you look at the players who used the previous model, like Brooks, you’d have to say Mizuno engineers delivered on their brief.


Impact of minor tweaks
+ Screams players iron
+ Feel is very very close to MP. Very.


× Blurry line between MP20 and 921 Tour
× Performance comes at a price
× Not being good enough to use them


What Remains?

The JPX921 Tour is still made forged from 1025E carbon steel. Its head length is basically exactly the same as its predecessor and profile at address remains largely unchanged.


What’s  new

What Mizuno has done is take what was already a very sharp package and add even more forgiveness to it. In essence that means you can go harder at the ball with less risk of a poor result on a mishit. The cavity looks clearly larger than the 919 Tour, but in reality is smaller in volume with more weight behind the centre, leading to better feel.

The other big change is the CG position. By reducing the weight in the toe, especially on the long irons, it has made the 921 Tour more workable than the 919 Tour, so the player is more in control than the club. This was something tweaked based on feedback of elite players.


Mizuno built its iron business on creating forged clubs to suit purists. At address, the JPX921 Tour is both compact and infinitely playable. If you are a good ball striker, with a strong iron game, these will suit your eye.

You may, or may not, notice a small change in sole widths too. The soles on the long irons have been made slightly wider to help both with forgiveness and flight, whilst the short iron soles are slightly narrower to support better turf interaction on scoring shots.


Ping G425 Max - Address


Feel is everything with a players iron and this doesn’t disappoint. The 1025e Grain Flow Forged head provides outstanding feedback.

In fact if you’re good enough to discern between these and the MP’s for feel, copper underlay and all, you’re better than us.



Shifting marginally closer to the MP line than previous iterations, the JPX921 Tour is a players club through and through. With greater workability than the JPX919 Tour, thanks to the toe weighting being dialled back, it will deliver for players who value some leeway as they power through the ball, yet have the skill to find the middle more often than not.



Mizuno JPX921 Tour is delicious. It delivers on everything it promises; feel, workability, flight. The minor adjustments show how important detail is to Mizuno, especially around CG position and sole width.

To supercharge them, throw in an HMB 3 iron, pin your ears back, and swing away.