WE’VE been fortunate enough to test some awesome fairway woods over the journey. Some built for comfort. Others built for speed.

To call it how it is, the Mizuno ST-Z Fairway woods (3 wood tested) are right up there with the best of them: sound, feel, performance, and look (if you like carbon). What we particularly like is Mizuno acknowledging the ST200 was pretty well spot on yet improved with some minor refinements.

If you’re someone who likes to trust their fairway woods, and hit them past your partners driver, read on.


Compact head that sits beautifully
+ Sound of the face makes you smile
+ Quality of shafts (MOTORE X tested)


× May better suit stronger players
× Flight is strong so look to loft up
× Carbon crown may be a little too disco


What Remains?

The ST-Z Fairway wood retains its Maraging Steel Face (MAS1C) for distance and a stunning sound on impact, carbon crown and classic shape.


What’s  new

In reality, not much, but it’s that subtle adjustment that is so reassuring.

The MAS1C face, this being the 3rd Generation, is refined to deliver better sound and improved ball speeds. The Motore X shaft delivers in spades too and is a perfect match for the head.

What we loved was the focus on refining the shape, especially where the face and hosel meet. It looks like a fairway wood that you’ve just met yet known for years.


This may have been mentioned before but the shape is pure. It sits like you want a fairway wood to sit, and looks as comfortable behind the ball on a tee as on the fairway.

The flashy carbon crown is not for everyone but seems a default way to call out the technology. It’s not bad, just that not everyone will like it.


Ping G425 Max - Address


Explosive. The consistent theme amongst the fairway woods we’ve tested is that those featuring Maraging Steel faces just sound awesome, and the ST-Z is no exception.

It’s not a clank or a ting but it’s loud enough to tell you you’ve hit it well yet quiet enough to keep it a secret from the group on the next fairway.



Easy to flight and distance will not come into question with this fairway wood. It was able to be hit higher or lower, and worked both ways with ease. Due to its low-spin nature if you need it to land on a green and stay there, you may need to carry slightly more loft.

Otherwise, this is a rocket.



Marginal improvements are not a bad thing, just an acknowledgement that they’d almost got the previous model, the ST200, right. Yet the improvements to the Mizuno ST-Z fairway are noticeable. Shape is outstanding, flight and distance ideal.

You may just need to learn to love carbon. That said, it will be worth it. Ø