There is a downside to the obsession some people have with blades, and that is they are blades. Small, harder to hit, pretty yet unforgiving.

Logically, if a blade could be created that was more forgiving yet appealed to the eye then you’d be on a winner. Well, the PING i59 is just that. A forgiving blade. And it’s got Kippa thinking about his beloved Blueprints.


+ Head size -it screams blade
+ Margin for error on mishits
+ Sounds ‘faster’ than Blueprint


× Sound is not the same as Blueprint
× Technology comes at a price (as it should)


What’s  new

AlumiCore. That’s the secret sauce buried inside the i59 iron that has allowed the weight to be shifted predominantly to the heel and toe resulting in the blade size with extra help.

In addition, it features a laser-cut face for precision, with a forged 1025 frame to complete the look and precision grooves for consistent spin and flight control.


To Kippa’s eye, there is no question they are fractionally larger than the Blueprint, and longer in the blade, but if you hadn’t seen the others you would assume the i59 was PING’s blade in every way, shape and form.

 In fact, Kippa preferred the look of the long irons in the i59, purely based on the confidence they give you.


There is a slighty more ‘clicky’ sound at impact but in a nice way. It represents a little more power and is far more reassuring on off-centre hits than the dull thud of a 1-piece forged blade.

The confidence gained will be enough to make up for the slightly different sound and feel.



This was not a middle vs middle test, although if it was the i59 are fractionally longer with a slightly higher flight, for Kippa anyway. The point of the i59 is what happens when you are fractionally off, or way off, with contact.

When tested at Moonah Links, shots that would have been short of the green were just short but still dancing; shots that would have missed the green with blades. Job done.



We all wish we could stay young forever and continue to persevere with the blades of our peak. For those willing to concede that those days are gone yet not willing to give up on the look of a blade, or those who want to swing hard but like a refined look, these are perfect. Tick.