You can drive for show and putt for dough all you like but the reality is unless your short game is on song you’ll struggle to score. The right wedge is as much about preventing bogeys (or worse) than it is about making birdies.

It stands to reason therefore that the more time spent selecting the best wedges for your game, the better off you’ll be. Variables like bounce, loft, and grind all need consideration. But the thing we’re all chasing is consistency. Trusting that the same shot hit the same way will deliver the same result.

With the combination of raised micro-ribs, raw faces, and milled grinds, the TaylorMade MG3 wedge is ready to go to work.


+ Raw face rusts over time for spin and looks
+ Classic shape improvement over MG2
+ Ribs provide extra bite around the greens


× Micro-Ribs can catch the eye
× Bounces and grinds are set (getting picky)
× No bounce/grind tool for fittings


What Remains?

The key carryover from MG2 to MG3 is the MG bit, the Milled Grind. This creates the consistency across all wedges for ease of mind when purchasing. The raw face, unplated to maximise friction, also remains. It will rust over time maintaining spin and also creating a very sharp looking wedge.



The raised Micro-ribs create extra grip between ball and clubface for spin, especially on partial shots and in all conditions. The detail of the scratched toe to reduce glare is also a surprisingly important one. Progressive hosel lengths allow the CG to be varied by wedge for optimal flight.


The MG3 wedges are about as classic as they come. Fine adjustments have been made around the transition from the hosel to the top-line that can be appreciated when both are side by side. The 2 finishes, Satin RAW Chrome and RAW Black, accentuate the look. 



Solid just seems to simple a description of how they feel, yet also appropriate. There is no sense of ‘loud’ vibration, or a clunk that you sometimes get. At the same time you know when you’ve mishit one, especially on a fuller shot, and this feedback is critical for players of all levels but particularly the more experienced.



On full shots the MG3 wedge had no issue with diving into the turf, even the low bounce option. There is enough relief at the leading edge to ease that fear. The flight and spin were as you would expect, consistent.

The partial shots clearly showed the technology with some that had no right to check up showing a willingness to do so. It’s almost enough to convince you that your short game is better than it is.

You can almost hear the face going to work on the shots around the green – micro-ribbed for your pleasure.



The TaylorMade MG3 is a really nice wedge and a definite improvement from the MG2 in both shape and performance. It could be argued that there is greater need for a decoupling of bounce and grind options as per some competitors, but reality is it might do more harm than good.

If you’re really finicky, throw a TW grind in there if for no other reason than because you can. Ø