We’re sure you’ve heard this line before: “it looks like a Titleist.” There’s something Titleist do that the others don’t, and that’s continue to produce products, particularly woods, that have a very unique, classic look. They look like a Titleist. Whilst look is subjective, performance is less so.

And once again, Titleist have created a driver that does exactly what it says in the brochure, with the help of a nifty material addition.


+ Classic classy Titleist appearance
+ Powerful sound and solid feel
+ Shaft options to suit everyone


× Can get too “spinny” at higher club speeds
× Face detail won’t appeal to everyone
× Overall design is almost too simple 


What Remains?

TS stands for Titleist Speed project, and the framework for this beast was created with the first iteration in 2018. The concept was around speed through aerodynamics and ensuring every piece of the driver was adding ‘value’. The approach for this model is the same.


What’s  new

The biggest change for to the TSi2 is the piece that makes contact with the ball, the face. For the first time from any manufacturer, Titleist has used an ATI-425 Titanium face. Why is this important? This is where both speed and consistency are born, and given the face has been used in the military with armour, you can bank on it thriving on impact and ability to withstand force and collision.

Pleasingly, Titleist has also backed in genuine shafts for the TSi range, meaning the value (perceived or otherwise) has improved markedly.


Jet black in appearance but with a distinctly Titleist shape, the footprint can appear larger at address but this will be a positive for the driver’s target user.

The face cosmetic is not for everyone but it does leave you knowing it must help, just not sure why.

For the record it’s about alignment and keeping focus where it needs to be.


Tick. The TSi2 sounds/feels phenomenal. It is clearly different to the TSi3, and gives you a sense of the ball exploding off the face. The sound is in itself reason to give this driver a whirl. We’re going with the sound = feel line here. 


The TSi2 driver delivers on its promise of being forgiving and easy to hit. The distance is strong but don’t be expecting to pick up 15 yards if your last driver is relatively recent. What you need to do is get fitted for this is it’s the one.

The shafts can make all the difference, especially to bring the spin rate down if you like to chase the ball off the tee. Both Kippa and Shooter found it got a bit “spinny” when they chased it, but when paired with the Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 the issue went away.



Does the TSi2 deliver what it promises? Indeed. It feels very easy to swing, the ball sounds like it has been hit, and the forgiveness is there. We would recommend you get fitted for the right shaft, not just loft. For the money you may as well. Whilst it doesn’t have the WOW factor, it does what Titleist drivers always tend to do; work. Ø