Whilst golf is a challenging game, almost the most challenging game, a lot of the time we, especially newer players, can make the game harder than it needs to be. At its most basic, golf is about up and forward. Up and forward. Not controlled fades or draws. Up and forward.

And we think, with the E521 iron/hybrid/wood/wedge looking thing, this is about as easy as golf gets.


Easy to get up in the air
+ Sole design helps get consistent contact
+ Great value for money


× Shape won’t be for everyone
× Expect forgiveness more than length
× Can a club be too easy to hit?


What has it got?

Fundamentally, this is about design more than ground-breaking tech. Don’t expect to see multi-material, maraging face, or some fancy metal with a bunch of numbers.

It is offset to help get your hands squared at impact, and features the “Houdini sole” suggesting it will help you escape from anywhere with its cambered, almost V-sole design. The face is relatively shallow helping deliver a very low CG to help get the ball in the air, and to support that objective has a disturbingly ‘normal’ loft set-up (the 7 iron is 32o. A number of competitors are as low as 29o).

More loft. Low CG. Offset. Up and forward. 


We’ll preface this by saying this is not a club for the purist, or someone who values form over function. It is very offset, on purpose. There is a lot of weight back and deep, with a hybrid appearance, on purpose. And the face is quite shallow, on purpose.

That said, by making the face silver, and the ‘bulge’ dark, it focuses your eye on the face and ball.


Ping G425 Max - Address


These really are little hybrid/metal wood things. There is a definite hollow sound off the face but not as criticism. In fact it reminds you of a well struck shot and if well struck it will fly up and forward.



Sorry to say it again but up and forward. These couldn’t be easier to hit if they tried. Once you get your head around the look, and realise they should be played as a normal iron, they’re ridiculously easy to hit up and forward, with a nice high, yet consistent, ball flight.

In the hands of two irregular golfers, one got the concept and got away with some mishits. The other, our legendary Director, Davman, hit a few then asked if he could get a set. Up and forward.



Golf is hard enough as it is. To choose a club that is beyond us in ability yet appeals to the eye is a noble yet often misguided decision. If your intention is to make golf as easy as possible, especially with slower swing speeds, then focus on Up and Forward. The Tour Edge E521 will deliver that in spades. Literally (almost).

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