LET’S start with a warning. Following is some pretty honest marketing…Mizuno admit that the new Mizuno JPX921 HM is not the longest iron on the market when hit out of the middle. Their own testing declares as much. Sure it’s only 0.1mph slower than its leading competitor but it’s a concession nonetheless.

It is, however, faster on shots hit from low on the face, and provides more consistent speeds across the face in testing, compared to its 4 closest ‘enemies’.

Given the JPX921 HM is made for those of us who don’t hit the middle every time, would you rather your poor shots get closer to the target in both distance and accuracy? Yep, we would too.


+ Consistent distance across the face
+ Technology
+ Confidence inspiring shape


× Top line may be too thick for some
× Strong lofts can make irons look harder to hit
× Finding something else we don’t like


What Remains?

The corresponding model was the JPX919 HM. The HM is made of 4140M Chromoly steel, a very strong steel that Mizuno continues to learn about, and how to push the boundaries of production and design.


What’s  new

With the 3rd generation of Chromoly, Mizuno have been able to make the face thinner, and therefore faster, whilst not conceding durability, sound or feel.

The thinner face, and thinner sole, means the face flexes more, boosting ball speeds, especially low on the face, a traditionally difficult area of the golf club to manage speed losses.

So what’s different? More distance. More consistent distance across the face. More greens.


Chris Voshall, one of Mizuno’s tech freaks, describes the JPX921 HM as looking more “grown up”. It’s a good description of an iron that will suit a lot of player’s eyes.

It looks infinitely hittable. The satin finish is exceptional, and cosmetically is a thing of beauty.

Ping G425 Max - Address


The first thing to remember is these are not forged, so don’t head in expecting them to feel the same way as the JPX921 Forged. The incredible thing is how close they are. The sound is fractionally louder, and hence the feel fractionally ‘firmer’.

That’s how we describe it anyway.



The JPX921 HM irons deliver what they promise. You feel the ball jump off the face, but remain confident that the strikes other than the middle will work out well. The stronger lofts take a little adjusting to the eye but the flight is high yet still penetrating.

The best thing about the JPX921 HM is the consistency. The drop off in speed away from the middle is minimal, and the greatest achievement of this iron. Knowing this, your confidence will skyrocket.

If you don’t go for the full set, it would be very easy to combine the long irons from the 921HM with the short irons from the 921HM Pro.



The JPX921 HM will win a lot of fans. Easy on the eye, easy to hit, full of distance gains, whilst maximising control and consistency. Sounds like a pretty good option to us.