ONE of the negative side effects of a ‘forgiving’ driver (460cc) is they tend to impart a little too much spin for some players. The problem this creates is an often difficult search for a shaft to take enough spin off the ball, without taking too much out of your wallet also.

Ping’s solution to this has always been an LST version (Low Spin Technology). If you’re looking to knock some spin off, and love the appeal of a slightly smaller, pear shaped clubhead, read on. If that’s not you, the 425 Max or SFT may be your solution.

So why is it low spin and even more importantly, who would buy it?


Driver suited to stronger ‘spinny’ players
+ Dark, brooding looks
+ 445cc head sits beautifully at address


× If you don’t need less spin, steer clear
× Crown design takes some adjusting to
× As with Max, not much else


What Remains?

As with the G400, G400 Max, and 410 Plus, the 9S+ Titanium face remains in the G425 family, and if any player type needed a strong face it is the hard hitters, also more often suited to the LST.

The Dragonfly crown has continued to be modified to reduce weight, and maintain aerodynamics and strength. The ‘ribs’ are not as prominent to the eye as in the Ping 410 Plus, and a lot of the magic happens inside the head.


What’s  new

The G425 LST features the same moveable weight options as the Max, but instead of 26g, the weight is only 17g. Still adjustable but with less importance placed on the fade and draw bias.

The LST is 445cc, 5cc smaller than the G410 Plus LST. Why? The smaller head by nature delivers a more forward CG position to knock some spin off. It sits square too, which good players love.

The shaft options are very strong too. We tested it with both Rogue White and Tensei Orange. Very good.



We love the compact look at address. It sits slightly open if anything and looks like it was designed to suit the better player’s eye.

The G425 has continues this theme with a dare we say Batman-type look; dark, brooding, and ready to launch. It’s part stealth bomber, part F1 race car.

Subtle, classy, yet with a hint of aggression.


Ping G425 Max - Address


We’re no acoustics experts, but it actually sounds more solid than the G425 Max, a neat trick given how good that sounds. We’ll pencil that down to the smaller head. Nice.



The two main things we noticed when hitting the LST became apparent straight away: sound and flight. The solid feeling of the slightly duller sound combined with a flight with noticeably less spin was exactly what we were hoping to discover. Make sure you get fitted for the right shaft and enjoy the benefits.



The Ping G425 LST driver is a fantastic solution for the player who likes traditional look, incredible feel, and most importantly desperate to cull some spin from their drives. Do yourself a favour and take the time to get fitted for shaft, loft etc. For the right player, this gets a big GolfBarons tick.