For many, the Ping G400 and G400 Max drivers were quickly tagged with “I can’t see how any driver could be better than this”. The combination of fairway finding forgiveness, not to mention distance, seemed unlikely to be usurped, let alone matched.

When the G410 Plus driver was launched with its moveable weight, it was clearly about appealing to the tinkerer, someone who feels they need more control over their own driving destiny. Other than this shift, the gains were marginal.

So what can the G425 Max deliver that would make someone say, “I need one”?


Moveable weight that is simple
+ Dark broodling looks
+ Combination of forgiveness and length


× Seems to have a large footprint
× Crown appearance takes adjusting to
× Not much else


What Remains?

One of the key technology elements from previous models is the 9S+ Titanium face, think strong, fast and consistent, across both breadth and depth, i.e. better results on all hits.

The Dragonfly crown has continued to be modified to reduce weight, and maintain aerodynamics and strength. The ‘ribs’ are not as prominent to the eye as in the Ping 410 Plus, and a lot of the magic happens inside the head.

Ping’s commitment to counter balanced shafts remains too, with the standard CB Alta Slate shaft. Counter balancing both adds clubhead speed but also stability for when (if) you miss the middle, as does the 8 way adjustable hosel for further tweaking.


What’s  new

The G425 Max is back to 460cc (the 410 Plus was 455cc) and has a 14% higher MOI thanks in part to a heavier, more focused moveable weight. Whilst the movements are tighter from Fade to Draw settings, there is a significant gain in forgiveness without loss of dispersion adjustment. That’s a win-win.

Combine the weight saving of the Dragonfly crown, the extra forgiveness, moveable weight, and the CB shaft, and the tech is all ticks.


We weren’t massive fans of the burnt bronze/brown of the G400, so when the G410 Plus arrived with its charcoal and red colour scheme, things were looking up.

The G425 has continues this theme with a dare we say Batman-type look; dark, brooding, and ready to launch. It’s part stealth bomber, part F1 race car. Subtle, classy, yet with a hint of aggression.


Ping G425 Max - Address


One thing that Ping has always excelled at is sound and feel. From their drivers through to wedges and putters, they know sound, so it was no surprise to use when we hit these that they sounded like, well, Ping drivers. No loud clanks, tings, or echo chamber resonance, these sound like a driver should.



When it comes to a driver, everyone wants to know the same things; how much longer, straighter, higher, lower. In comparison to the Ping 410 Plus here’s what you might notice: it’s slightly louder, it flies a little higher, but the larger address position gives you confidence to chase after it, so expect more length too.



The Ping G425 Max driver is everything a driver should be, and nothing else. It provides a fantastic balance of forgiveness and distance, and with the fine tuning at your fingertips, this is Ping at its finest. You just need to be able to get your head around the look of the crown.