“OH NOT again!” The cry heard on tees all around the world. If insanity truly is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result, maybe it’s time to change drivers .

Straight Flight Technology (SFT) is not just a creative name, it is a commitment from Ping engineers to do what they can to address the issue of the dreaded slice. Some wish to work on the solution with lessons and practise, others prefer to buy the solution. For them, we introduce the Ping G425 SFT.

But can it really help me stay out of the right trees? (focus on help, not guarantee)


+ Draw bias that actually works
+ Dark, brooding looks
+ 460cc head inspires confidence


× A fixed solution to a moveable problem
× Crown design can take some adjusting to
× Needs to perform for the price


What Remains?

As with the G400, G400 Max, and 410 Plus, the 9S+ Titanium face remains in the G425 family. The face delivers both fast and consistent ball speeds. Miss the middle and you’re still likely to be in good shape (feels like everything has disclaimers attached.)

The Dragonfly crown has continued to be modified to reduce weight, and maintain aerodynamics and strength. The ‘ribs’ are not as prominent to the eye as in the Ping 410 Plus, and a lot of the magic happens inside the head.

Ping’s commitment to counter balanced shafts remains too, with the standard CB Alta Slate shaft. Counter balancing both add clubhead speed but also stability for when (if) you miss the middle. The 8 way adjustable hosel allows you to set things up just right. 

What’s  new

At 460cc, the G425 SFT is 5cc’s larger than its predecessor. Seems like a small amount but it’s all about confidence and forgiveness.

A 23gram tungsten weight is anchored deep and towards the heel providing a 25 yard increased draw bias compared to the G425 Max.


The 460cc head inspires confidence at address and provides hope that your next drive will be on the fairway. Which we’re sure it will, probably (disclaimer).

The G425 has continues this theme with a dare we say Batman-type look; dark, brooding, and ready to launch. It’s part stealth bomber, part F1 race car.

Subtle, classy, yet with a hint of aggression.


Ping G425 Max - Address


If sound is feel and feel is sound then these feel and sound as close to perfect as you can get. They’re the Goldilocks of woods; not too hard, not too soft.

The lighter D1 swingweight makes the club feel infinitely hittable too.



The biggest thing we can say for the Ping G524 SFT is that if Shooter noticed the help on sorting his high right game, you will too. We know all the other elements Ping put into a driver will work, hence the reputation, and be in no doubt help for the dreaded slice is at hand.



If you’re tired of saying “not again”, and want a club that can do a lot of the correction for you, then Ping’s G425 SFT may be perfect for you (disclaimer).