You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again (or read it at least), you hit more shots with your putter than any other club so this is one are not to cut corners.

With the arrival of the Heppler putters, Ping are raising the bar when it comes to what is possible, with multi-metal designs, adjustable shaft lengths, and head shapes to match every eye. We’ll stop short of calling them game changers, a bit of an overused cliché, but they will change your game.


Hosel and Head variety
+ Multi-metal Technology
+ Adjustable length remains genius


× Without insert, can feel quite firm
× Feel of the extendable shaft on long putts
× No loft/lie adjustment option


What Remains?

The one key technology these share with a previous range, the Sigma 2, is the adjustable shaft length.


What’s  new

For the first time, Ping has employed High Pressure Aluminium Casting in combination with Stainless Steel. What does that mean? Shapes can be tailored for MOI, feel, site lines, alignment lines etc.

For example the Anser 2 is fully stainless steel, whereas the Ketsch is 50:50, an aluminium face and centre surrounded by a heavy stainless perimeter for high MOI.


The contrast in colours is very easy on the eye. Some faces are steel (bronze colour), others are aluminium (black), but each model is beautifully designed in its own right.



One thing you will notice between the two faces is the difference in feel, and sound (watch our review to explain that). Both are incredibly solid, and it the upside of not having an insert. The downside to some may be the feel is too firm.

We think you’ll like it, and like noticing the difference.



There are a few decisions you need to make when it comes to the Heppler putters. Each putter is designed to match a stroke type (Heavy Arc, Slight Arc, Straight) but more importantly it’s about matching a head shape, and hosel, that suits your eye.

Once there, performance is about your ability to read greens, aim, and deliver. Sorry, but that’s up to you.



We love the Heppler putters, with stand outs for us being the Ketsch, Tomcat 14 and Fetch. Spend a bit of time considering what you need, then you and Heppler will be bonded for life.