“Zero Gravity” is a pretty bold way to name a shoe but the principle is clear; build the lightest, high-performance spiked shoe possible. Why spiked? According to Adidas, 40% of all golf shoes sold are spiked, so despite the shift towards spikeless golf shoes, a significant number of golfers prefer the grip and stability that comes with a spiked shoe. But did they deliver on their mission?


Comfort out of the box
+ BOA system creates great connection
+ Incredibly light for a spiked show


× The lace option is lacking star power
× Only 12 month waterproof warranty
× Spiked vs Spikeless is very much a habit


What makes it tick?

Starting from the ground and working up, the outsole is a thin TPU structure called thinTech. Designed to save weight yet not lose any stability in supporting the 6-spike configuration.

The ‘boing’, or comfort, is care of a combination Lightstrike and Boost midsole. The Boost under the heel takes the impact out of walking on firmer ground and ensures a comfortable ride, supported by the Lightstrike cushioning.

The upper, the other major area of weight-saving, is Sprintskin, a lightweight synthetic material that holds its form and provides the ideal upper for the BOA multi-directional tightening system. 


The adidas ZG21 is a very clean and classy looking shoe, especially the BOA version.

It can easily be worn with shorts or pants, the highlight colours give it enough pop, and the BOA has been placed so it is unobtrusive and adds to the class of the shoe.

The subtle 3-stripes will also appeal to the more conservative.


Ping G425 Max - Address


’18 Out of the Box’ seems to be the go-to term when it comes to testing comfort, and for good reason. If you can take a pair of shoes from the box and go out and walk 7km’s without any issues, it’s a pretty good result. This was the case with the ZG21.

The BOA also creates such a snug fit, or loose if you like, that your feet will feel locked in.



There is a reason 40% of shoes sold are spiked. As good as the grip is now on spikless shoes, it still doesn’t compare to the security of swinging hard, relatively, in a pair of spiked shoes. What you therefore concede in convenience, gets more than made up for in grip and traction. Maybe it’s time to reconsider spikes?



The adidas ZG21 delivered on everything it promised. It’s lightweight, comfortable, the grip is as you’d expect, and although available in a lace, the BOA is worth the stretch. The fact the upper is also partly made of recycled materials is a nice bonus.