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"This is the revolution golf has been crying out for." 

"Love these guys. Funny and informative. A double-threat."

"Kippa's teaching is the most simplified I've ever had."

"I can't get enough of the myth busting and challenges – they're definitely my favourite."

"If you're into golf, GolfBarons™ is a must-watch. Such a damn refreshing take."

"Tell Kippa he's a f****** genius! I watched the video on tee height and tried it on the range. Perfect!"

"Is there anything Shooter won't do for a chuckle? Evidently not. Keep it coming lads."

"This is me and my mates pretty much every week on the course. About bloody time."

"I wait on my inbox every Friday to see what antics these guys have got up to. Rarely am I disappointed."