MY ASSOCIATION with 13th Beach Golf Links began during the construction period when I was asked to take some preliminary photographs prior to completion of the course.

At that time the position of the 16th was settled upon, but further details were still just ideas in the head of course architect Tony Cashmore. All that could be seen then was a ridge covered with bush, and very little else. The thought at the time was the hole would eventually evolve.

Given time, the 16th did evolve, and it turned in to one fabulous short par-3. At just 114 metres, hitting it far enough to reach the putting surface is not an insufferable challenge to most golfers. However, dealing with the wind – and a postage stamp sized green – means landing on the dance floor is anything but a foregone conclusion. Miss the green with those severe runoffs and an insufferable score becomes a distinct possibility.

All the par 3s at Thirteenth Beach are terrific, but for mine the 16th is the pick of the bunch. Negotiating this little terror is a feat of which to be proud. Ø