PEOPLE often ask me where they should go for a golfing holiday and in truth there are many magnificent places I would recommend.

Of those recommendations, Cabo Del Sol is always near the top of my list, especially if there are non-golfing members in the party. Not that I partook in the ancillary adventures on offer in the area during my visit, yet there are plenty of activities for non-golfers to enjoy at this Mexican haven.

The Ocean Course at Cabo presents a stern test of golf, perhaps even too difficult for the casual player. Indeed, one of the guys I played with soon opted to hit his second shot from where his partner’s tee shot landed – he simply could not hit far enough to reach the fairway on many occasions.

On the back nine, at the 14th hole, he found himself in a green-side bunker. After numerous failed attempts to extricate himself, he opted to throw the ball on to the green. Unfortunately even that proved too difficult and the ball once again rolled back to his feet.

Of course, the option to play from less intimidating tees exists and perhaps my playing partner would have benefited from playing tees more suited his ability.

What is apparent, and most captivating about the Ocean Course, is the proximity of a desert style golf course to the ocean. It is a strange thing to see saguaro cactuses only a few metres from the beach.

I can only recommend a trip to Cabo Del Sol. Situated on the southern tip of the California Baja in Mexico, with the Sea of Cortez as a backdrop, the Ocean Course is a treat to play. Ø