IRECALL a conversation I once had with a good friend of mine, Ben Cowan-Dewar, about how much I admired the tenacity of Greg Ramsay in pursuing his dream of creating Barnbougle Dunes at such a young age.

Ben looked at me and asked how old I thought he was? I was somewhat surprised to discover Ben was actually younger than Greg when he realised his dream at Cabot Links.

Soon after the opening of Cabot Links, Ben arranged for me to photograph the course, along with three other clubs on Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.

On one evening I was fortunate to experience conditions I had never before encountered, nor have I seen since. There was a bank of clouds near the horizon as sunset approached, but I could see there was a gap between them and the waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence. My guess was there was going to be something worthwhile as the sun set. This turned out to be the case.

As I packed up my camera and began heading back to the clubhouse something extraordinary happened. The sun was below the horizon but the light seemed to begin to bounce off the clouds back onto the water then back onto the clouds to simply produce the most incredible lighting I have ever seen. I thought I had finished for the day, but the best photographs were taken after the sun had set. 

My rule of thumb is I don’t include people in my photos, but the impromptu lesson being given by the club pro to a young devotee of the game was just too perfect to pass by.

 It remains one of my favourite golf course shots, but only one of a number of images captured that evening after the sun had dived below the waters of the gulf. Ø