QUITE a few years ago I was assigned to photograph a new course on the Bellarine Peninsula still under construction. Something of a challenge I thought –presumably there wasn’t much to photograph. Thus I had my introduction to Thirteenth Beach Golf Club.

As expected there wasn’t a vast amount of photo opportunities on offer there, just a few general outlines of intended fairways and some greens and bunkers.

When we arrived at the location of the 16th hole there was just a short ridge line and nothing else. Apparently the design of the 16th was still formulating in the mind of Tony Cashmore, the designer of the course. No-one seemed quite sure what Tony had in mind, but everyone seemed certain the hole would be special.

At just over 100 metres in length, Tony created a gem. Don’t be long, left isn’t good, right will be difficult and a chip from the front of the green is no snack, either.

 I’ve often thought that Tony’s genius lay in his par-3s and the collection on The Beach Course at Thirteenth Beach is his finest. But then his efforts at The Dunes Golf Links and The Henley at The Heritage Golf & Country Club are all fine testaments to Tony’s flair with par-3s. Ø